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Solar Development - It's What We Do

Transmission-tied Development

Transmission projects are interconnected to the large overhead power lines that serve as the grid's "electrical highways." Due to the size of these power lines, the projects themselves must be large in their size and scope. They require at least 300 acres of land with direct access to an overhead transmission line. These project vary in size depending on location but can be as large as 900 acres! RES has years of development experience with these projects across the Carolinas.


35-75 AC

Acres Used Per Project
Megawatts of Electricity Produced per Project
Distribution-tied Developement

Distribution projects are generally two to five megawatts and are meant to provide electricity to the community in which they are located. They utilize the same power lines that serve local homes and businesses to deliver the project's electricity to the local utility substation. The owner of the substation, either investor-owned utility, electric membership cooperative, or municipality, then distributes the electricity as needed to their customers, without relying on a distant power plant. These projects help diversify the power supply by providing clean, reliable power close to where it is consumed. These projects are best suited for 20-50 acres.



Local Homes Powered Per Project
Tons of Carbon Offset Annually per Project

By the Numbers

Six Projects

27 Megawatts

220 Acres

Fully Developed

50+ Projects

1.079 Gigawatts

8,000+ Acres

Under Development


Tons of Carbon Offset

Utility Off-takers in the Carolinas 


Potential Capital Investment




Partner with RES to put your land to use

At RES, we partner with landowners to coordinate and execute all aspects of the project development process. This includes interconnection analysis and study, land evaluation, zoning, surveying, and regulatory approvals. Throughout this entire process, we are there each step of the way to ensure details are communicated, issues are dealt with, and the project is constructed. Our minimally invasive development process ensures your land is not graded or cleared until the project is 100% approved, giving you the freedom to use it as you normally would prior to construction.

In our customer-centered model, we have aligned our interests with yours so we do not benefit unless you do too!

For your land to be eligible, it must:

  • Distribution: Minimum of 20 acres of continuous land

  • Transmission: Minimum of 350 acres of continuous or contiguous land

  • Be proximate to power-lines and/or a utility substation

  • Free of wetlands, endangered species and floodplains

  • Grade of 15% or less

Benefits to you:

Cash Flow From Your Land

Long-Term Leases

No Soil Depletion

Minimal Risk